National Civil War Centre

The original 'Fake News' brought to life through AV technology

  • Posted On: 29 September 2019
  • Author: Fusion Admin
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National Civil War Centre

Fusion recently completed the installation of two temporary exhibitions at the National Civil War centre in Newark.

Fake News

While this term may only recently have been coined by a certain US President, it’s actually a centuries old tradition. The manipulation of facts for propaganda use has been a tactic of politics and war going back much further into our history then you may realise.

Designed by Redman Design, Fusion installed an ultra-wide, short show projector in the Fake News Gallery, using software by Heritage Interactive. 

The World Turned Upside Down

Explore the 17th Century’s seismic shifts in politics, religion, science and culture in this thought-provoking exhibition. 

In The World Turned Upside Down, the Fusion team installed an audio player in the Bible Box, which plays a track and lights up when the lid is opened, and a projector in the Pages Sculpture, which included software from Fusion.

In another part of the project, Fusion also supplied the hardware for a touchscreen interactive and an audio jukebox. To complete their contribution to these installations, the team built the Hat Sculpture light fitting in the hallway, in conjunction with Workhaus Projects.

Discover more about the National Civil War Centre and their exhibition calendar here: