Tatton Park "Field to Fork"

  • Posted On: 13 September 2018
  • Author: Fusion Admin
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Tatton Park "Field to Fork"

Fusion recently completed an installation at Tatton Park on the State Farm entitled “Field to Fork”.  The experience guides the visitor around the farm to explain how food is produced and how it eventually ends up on your plate.

Working with designer Mark Magidson from Exhibition Plus, and Robin Symonds from Alsace Consulting, who recorded and edited the audio, Fusion provided educational audio stories and accompanying controlled lighting in visitor areas around the farm.

Within the visitor introduction area there is a large 65” screen with audio showing 3 minutes of aerial drone footage of the farm which presents some of the farm’s characters.  The film then journeys around the farm throughout the seasons, demonstrating a range of farming activities.  It also introduces the App, developed by Centre Screen, which is viewable on a collection of ruggedized tablets which were supplied by Fusion as part of the centre’s installation.

The next area with AV is the Land Agent’s Office where a multichannel audio system enables the visitor to choose different characters to have a conversation with the Land Agent.  This experience is enhanced by show-controlled lighting.

The next visitor area is the Tack Room, where three characters discuss the benefits of the horse, the traction engine and the tractor. The lights follow the ensuing argument.

Following the Tack Room the visitors enter the Bothy, where it is tea time.  The differences between the class statuses of workers on the farm are explored in a conversation over lunches.

The next building on the tour is the Mill which includes a simple monitor which explains the mill operation on the farm.

Finally, there is the Slaughter House with a projection of a hanging pig.  This installation includes a moving soundscape of pig butchering where the process explained through a conversation between the Slaughter Man and a boy with his dog.

This project utilises multiple Fusion MP3 players and programmable relays to synchronise the audio to the lighting controller.