York Mansion House

  • Posted On: 31 January 2018
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York Mansion House

The Fusion LX Team recently worked in the busy York city centre, at York Mansion House, following a £2.6 million full restoration. It involved installing cutting-edge 21st century technology, into York Mansion House built in 1732.

Learn how every Lord Mayor since the middle ages lived by exploring the York Mansion House. Take in the stunning formal rooms and then head down into the kitchens and learn about the most popular dishes throughout the ages.

Fusion were responsible for bringing the Mansion House to life. We had to integrate a variety of interactive touchscreens, audio soundscapes and an interactive recipe book into the museum.
One of the displays shows how York Mansion House, the city and the surrounding area has changed over time and the user can flick through different time periods to see which buildings have been demolished and which are still standing, where spires have been removed and even graveyards have been dug up!

The main AV attraction that we have installed is an interactive recipe book, which consists of a projector, depth sensor and audio system. The equipment is combined so the user can move their hands across an interactive table, to create the dishes that have been explained to them by the projected recipe book and a ‘virtual chef’.

The user interacts with computer-generated ingredients and cutlery by waving their hands across the table. The depth sensor detects this human hand and projects the object or ingredient onto the position of the human hand to create a virtual culinary experience!

The user chops up sections of meat, pluck feathers from birds, crack and whisk up eggs, in an aim to create the old-fashioned dishes, which were popular throughout the many eras that The Mansion House has evolved through.

York Mansion House was a great project to work on, although we faced a few challenges! York Mansion House is regularly used for functions and events and so the AV equipment we installed needed to be inconspicuously or elegantly housed so as not to stand out. Some pieces had to be able to be easily removed too!

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