Fountains by Floodlight

  • Posted On: 21 December 2017
  • Author: Fusion Admin
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Fountains by Floodlight

Fusion LX was recently called upon to assist with a temporary installation at Fountains Abbey. It’s always nice to be asked to carry out some work locally, and this job was particularly fun. Fountains Abbey is known for its natural beauty, and every weekend evening in December the ruins are lit up to show the ruins in a different light. Every Saturday evening, along with the lights, Choirs will sing in the hall and the abbey Cellarium, a perfect way to welcome in some Christmas cheer.

Fusion LX was tasked with uplighting a selection of statues and follies around the grounds. Although beautiful, the project did present us with some challenges, mainly because the Monks who lived and worked at the Abbey wanted a simple and devout lifestyle – mains electricity wasn’t a priority (plus they were about 700 years too early)!

We used 8 LED floodlights which highlighted the beauty of the structures. Because the event takes place on an evening, it was important that the visitors felt safe and didn’t wander off the route, so we installed 1200m of LED rope light to guide visitors through the grounds and down to the lake garden. To overcome the lack of mains power in the grounds, we installed 3 very large generators to power all of the lights.

You can visit Fountains Abbey and enjoy Fountains by Floodlight right up until the 7th January. If you’re interested in attending Music and Lights, Saturday 23rd is the last event before Christmas. 

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Photography courtesy of Chris Lacey.