Attention! Quick march!

  • Posted On: 20 July 2017
  • Author: Fusion Admin
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Attention! Quick march!

Fusion LX was ordered to Wiltshire, on the double! The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer (REME) Museum was on the move from its old home in Arborfield to MoD Lyneham in Wiltshire. Fusion LX was tasked to help with the big job of relocating, redesigning and refitting the entire museum.

At Fusion, we are always working with design consultants to create a fantastic visitor experience, and this particular project was no different. Working with PLB Ltd, we were able to bring the new REME museum to life; Fusion LX was responsible for the AV/hardware and lighting installation. The REME have a long, colourful history and so several areas needed our attention, from vehicle lighting and interactive databases to audio soundscapes, this was one of our more diverse projects.

Entering the museum through a scale model of a WW2 landing craft, we installed a synchronised audio and lighting show to give the effect of landing on a beach on D-Day. Venturing into the main vehicle hall, you travel through several different environments including the Antarctic and the desert with an audio soundscape that accompanies each vehicle to create an entirely immersive experience. With ceiling mounted speakers, large video screens show what the typical life of REME members was like.

Once you have spent the day experiencing what it was like in the REME, you leave the museum through the poignant “REME remembers” exhibit. In this area, we installed a video mounted display where you can hear service men and women speak first hand about their experiences.

At Fusion LX, we enjoy the projects that require our expertise for all aspects of the design; we take the time to understand what you want to achieve so that we can bring your idea to life. If you have a project that you would like to discuss with our expert team, contact us on 01765 698338, use our contact form or email