The Team

About Us

As a small company our structure is very simple, but has proven to be very effective.

At the heart of the business is Robert Fisher (Senior Director). As the most experienced at Fusion, Rob oversees all day to day goings on.

Ian Carling and Matt Beastall (Directors) are fully qualified electricians who have grown into their roles within the business and now are heavily involved with day to day running of the business as well as project managing Fusion’s key jobs, supported by Operations Manager, Scott Tocher.

Luke Symonds, George Gibb, Connor Irving, Jordan Hill and Josh Windle are fully qualified electricians who work alongside Ian and Matt to produce an energetic, efficient and experienced team and support our Apprentices, James Lawson, Jack Hustler and Andrew Barthram.

Our office is kept running efficiently by our Bookkeeper, Duncan Morrell.