HMS Caroline

Company: AY-PE

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Project Details


HMS Caroline.

As the last surviving ship of the Battle of Jutland, we were thrilled to be a part of the immensely comprehensive restoration process of this iconic World War One light cruiser.

We were heavily involved with the designing, then integration of modern AV equipment within the constraints of the WW1 ship, with a limitation on fixing methods. As the ship is so iconic, we had to try re-use any existing fixing holes when running cables in or mounting speakers etc.

The highlight of the museum is a film showing the sequences involved in the Battle of Jutland, and for this we installed an 18m wide, laser light sourced, triple blended projection onto the inside of the ship surface.
In conjunction with this, is a massively powerful audio system consisting of 9 and 2 sub-woofers providing almost 6000 watts of audio.

Another AV element we installed featured a dual projection video projected onto the engine casings down in the engine room.
This displays fire, blades and turbines to bring the engines to life, alongside an incredibly loud 5000watt audio track to emulate the deafening sound the engines would make.

Coupled with these 2 immersive AV shows, we installed a large number of touchscreen-based PC interactives, many ambient audio players intimating a ship’s busy noise, a 125” triple screened touchscreen depicting a virtual HMS Caroline and many other interesting nautical-based AV interactives.