Windermere Jetty Museum

Company: Lakeland Arts

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Project Details

Set in the heart of the Lake District, the Windermere Jetty Museum sits on the site of the former Windermere Steamboat Museum on banks of the largest lake in England, and is due to open its doors in spring 2019.  Part-funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund, this £20m development by Lakeland Arts has also received support from a number of development funds and other charitable organisations.

The museum comprises an open workshop, where artisan boat conservationists and restorers will work on vessels in front of visitors, and interactive installations which tell the story of 200 years of boating history, including record-breaking speed boats and the rare yacht, Margaret, built in the late 18th century. 

Complete your visit with a trip across the lake on board the Edwardian steam launch, Osprey.

In true Windermere fashion, the museum can be accessed by boat, road or foot.