Nick Sharratt Exhibition

Company: Leach Colour

Visit Website: Nick Sharratt Exhibition

Project Details

“Pirates, Pants and Wellypants”, a very fun and interested exhibit we helped deliver which depicted the story of the famous illustrator, Nick Sharratt who’s most famous work includes the illustration for the books and TV programme ‘Tracy Beaker’.

We installed a variety of amusing AV interactives such as the ‘Pants Dance’ song, ‘Animal Orchestra’ audio interactive and a touchscreen based cartoon game ‘Create a Sharracter’, in which users combine and arrange different cartoon face parts drawn by Nick Sharratt.

The AV equipment consisted of 2 screens delivering short films, 2 funny audio interactives and the touchscreen interactive game.

All this equipment was housed in a bespoke aluminium structure which divided up into three panel sections for transportation between the different venues.

Cabling needed to be carefully thought out so each section could be removed easily with a variety of plug and sockets going between the sections.