Quarry Bank Mill

  • Posted On: 29 August 2018
  • Author: Fusion Admin
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Quarry Bank Mill

As the saying goes, “Where there’s muck, there’s brass”.  Fortunately the working conditions within the Quarry Bank Mill have improved significantly from its bleak past, which lead to a pleasant AV installation by Fusion.

After having undertaken a £3.9 million renovation over the past three years, the mill has once again opened its doors to the public with a new welcome building and six individual venue experiences.

Visitors will, for the first time, be able to tailor their visit and fully access all areas of the site by the use of the new lift. With its glass doors they can get a sneak peek of the galleries as they go by, and can venture onto ‘W’ or ‘The Walkway’ for a panoramic view of the mill yard and mill meadow.

This project required a selection of AV elements, brought together to create the main AV show which depicts an insight into the life endured by those working in the mill, including the excessive noises that they would endure.  These sounds are blasted through four speakers, producing a surround sound effect.  This audio experience is accompanied by a projected video showing the dirt, sweat and grime of the true working environment within the mill. Alongside the sound and projection, two additional screens and controlled Gobo lighting help to create an immersive show.

Being a Grade 2* listed building meant the integration of modern technology was awkward, requiring crafty solutions to enable the hanging of the projector without fixing into the building’s old wooden beams.

Along with the main ‘Mill Workers’ show, Fusion also aided the delivery of a fascinating animated lightbox within the power gallery, which consists of two 75” screens mounted behind a semi-transparent graphic, which subtly animates the lightbox.

In addition to the AV elements there are a handful of audio playback systems which deliver audio extracts from mill workers such as Joseph Sefton and Thomas Priestley, whose frightening stories of losing fingers and the illnesses suffered are a reminder of how things have changed! 

When Quarry Bank Mill opened in 1784, it represented the beginning of a new age. This project signals a new age for Quarry Bank itself - one where the lives and pioneering spirit of this complete site are brought to life once more for visitors.